The end of a blog

Once open a time, there was a girl named Emilia. She started a blog four years ago and posted on it frequently. She loved it.

One day, she forgot about the blog! She did not post for a long, long time. By the time she remembered, four years had passed! She wanted a new blog, but her new theme did not match the old one, so she did not want to keep posting on her old blog. All of her followers liked what she posted before. Emilia wanted to post on something different.

So, the girl created a new blog. That girl is me. And I would like for you to check out my new blog.
Link to Umbrella’s Top 10

– Umbrella 😀


My First How-to YouTube Video – How to make your own temporary tatoo

My cousin Lea and I found a way to make our own temporary tattoos, and we wanted to share it with you!

The Laughter Fest

One Friday evening, I was sitting in the living room with my family, trying to decide which books to sell. I wanted to earn money for a game I liked. I held up book after book, waiting for my dad to tell me what I could or couldn`t sell. I carelessly held up the book One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss.

“Oh, don`t sell that one,” my dad pleaded. “It`s my favorite!” I hated that book so much. I really wanted to sell it.

“Dad, this book is absolutely positively going to bore me to death,” I moaned, a little angry. I picked up the book and began reading aloud. “One fish two fish…

I read for a little while, with my dad mouthing the words I was reading from the other side of the room. He had memorized it! Suddenly, I set down the book and said, “This book is a bore, so where`s the door?”

My whole family burst into laughter. Soon, we all started goofing off. “This book is fun, but we are all done,” my dad exclaimed. Everyone started to make up new rhymes.

“This book is so bad, I can`t believe it was ever a fad,” my mom chimed in. This went on for ten whole minutes! My family and I were making up new rhymes and laughing so loudly, making so much ruckus that we were probably disturbing our neighbors!

That night we all had a good time, laughing a lot. I doubt that I had ever laughed so hard in my entire life! It was all hilarious. After all the excitement, my dad finally let me sell the book. That made me feel exuberant, but he wouldn`t let me sell the book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss…

The Giant Vacuum Cleaner (An Ant’s Perspective)

A family of ants was gathered by the large furnace, building a new home. Suddenly, they heard a loud rumble from the other side of the room.

The giant vacuum cleaner swept up the small dirt house. All of the little ants scrambled around, trying to figure out what was going on.

Soon, the vacuum cleaner had killed 10 of the smallest ants. The tiniest, tiniest one of all ran faster than the rest.

Suddenly, the Queen ant, Josephine, got swept away!

Genevieve, the smallest ant, started to panic. All of her family was gone now!

The vacuum stopped making noise. Soon, Gen fell asleep.

The next morning, once she awoke, She started making a new home. She became the queen of a new colony, and her family was all well for a very, very long time. (About 1-2 weeks)

That is, until the vacuum cleaner made its next appearance…


My brother, Noah, is teaching me how to play the viola.

So far, I know two notes and how to hold the viola.

I wore a very fancy dress for Thanksgiving.  Here is a picture of it:

I am excited about learning viola!

A Random Story

Once upon a time, the world ended.

The End

And then it came back.

The End Again

And then people had fun.


People died.

The End


There was a Snowstorm.

The End.  Will you just end it already?!?!

Then the world ended again.

The End.  This had better be the real end!

The Real End


In 1818, in the McDonald’s parking lot, a young child spilled some milk.  Over the years, the milk turned into cheese.

The cheese grew mold, but not just any mold.

When this mold was touched, it spread onto the thing that touched it. Anything that thing touched, the mold also spread onto, and so on.

Recently, a car parked on that space , and when the people got back to the car, their car was covered in mold!

After 50 years, there was mold all over the universe.

The End… literally!